Maintenance Tips

Care and Cleaning of Jewels

Saona jewels are made with individual care, following traditional and craft jewelry techniques. This explains why all of them are unique in the sense that they can have small differences and not be exactly the same. However, we work by sticking to our models and designs to guarantee that our costumers have their desired piece.

All the pieces are made using 925 sterling silver, sometimes oxidized or bathed in gold. Silver is a durable metal that suffers a natural process of oxidation that is superficial and, as a result, easily removable.

Follow the following tips to slow down this process and take care of your jewels.


  • Try to keep your jewel apart in order to avoid scratching amongst them.
  • Store them in their original packaging or in a place that does not allow contact with the environment, water, cosmetics, or cleaning products, among others. These factors can cause silver to become darker faster.
  • Use a soft brush with water and natural soap or bicarbonate to clean your jewelry. When the first step is done, dry the jewel with a cotton cloth. If it does not get back to its original state, please, contact us at info@com and we’ll help you.
  • Wear it and enjoy it, it will make it shine for a longer period of time!