Size guide

Saona Joies’ rings are made in concordance with the standard sizes of Tatum measures.

If you are not sure about your size, you have the chance to calculate it by measuring the inside diameter of any ring you have. You could also measure the outline of the finger in which you would like to wear your ring. You should bear in mind that the ring should go through the finger’s knuckle.

Once you are sure about the exact measure, you can find your size in the following table:

Size      Diameter       Outline

6           14,64mm        46mm

7           14,96mm         47mm

8           15,27mm         48mm

9           15,59mm         49mm

10          15,91mm         50mm

11          16,23mm         51mm

12         16,55mm         52mm

13         16,87mm         53mm

14         17,18mm         54mm

15         17,50mm         55mm

16         17,82mm         56mm

17         18,14mm         57mm

18         18,46mm         58mm

19         18,78mm         59mm

20         19,10mm         60mm

Size      Diameter       Outline

21         19,41mm          61mm

22         19,73mm         62mm

23         20,05mm         63mm

24         20,37mm         64mm

25         20,69mm         65mm

26         21,00mm         66mm

27         21,32mm         67mm

28         21,64mm         68mm

29         21,96mm         69mm

30         22,28mm        70mm

31         22,60mm         71mm

32        22,92mm         72mm

33         23,24mm         73mm

34        23,56mm         74mm

35         23,88mm        75mm

36        24,20mm         76mm