Saona joies

Timeless creations inspired by nature elements, places and sensations. By the details and the beauty of simple things. Mediterranean essence jewels handmade in Mallorca

Born in Mallorca,
Saona joies is a young brand
of handmade jewelry

Inspired by its Mediterranean surroundings and lover of simple and handmade things, Lídia Bosch creates jewels in her small workshop, located at the heart of the Tramuntana Range.

Saona Joies was born in 2018 as a project aimed at creating timeless jewelery pieces that span from simple and geometric lines to more organic ones which are linked to nature and simplicity. The collections are full of symbolism and many of them reflect traces of our culture and roots.

Commited to small-scale local production, environmentally friendly and sustainable. These pieces are made in Mallorca through a process of handcraft creation which uses traditional jewellery techniques. They are made paying attention to detail and using fine materials, particularly, sterling silver 925.

Lídia Bosch designs and performs all collections using quality raw material with the intention that jewels will last over time. She works with local suppliers with the addition that noble metals can be recycled and reused.

The Mediterranean essence that defines my personality is the beginning behind the work of Saona joies

— Lídia Bosch